2022 Audi Q5: The New Facelift and Sportback Redesign Spied

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2022 Audi Q5 this year, Audi is revamping its entire vehicle portfolio. Among all the new models and facelifts, the automaker is on track to have a young lineup in the next few years, not to mention a herd of SUVs.

Q5 is currently on the update list despite its recent debut for the 2018 model year, although as front and rear camouflaged, refreshment will be minor.

Specifically, the Q5 will get Audi’s latest grille which stretches slightly wider. The small redesign makes the grille look more rectangular, but still a large opening for the front of the SUV.

Style changes are limited to the front and rear. The entire front fascia is changed completely with sharp LED headlights and Audi’s hexagonal grille.

Interestingly, the new grille looks a little smaller than the one in Q5 at the moment. The outboard grille is also smaller.

Changes on the back are simpler. The rear lights have a new pattern but look suitable in the same housing. The hatch and rear bumper look relatively unchanged.

We can also see the new Q5 interior. The overall interior design seems generally unchanged. But the infotainment screen looks bigger, and the touchpad interface on the center console is gone.

This means that the only way to interact with infotainment must be through the touch screen because there are no other controllers in the cabin.

Hoping to see fresh Q5 will be revealed this year. It will probably continue to be offered in standard Q5 trims with turbocharged four-cylinder engines and in SQ5 trims with turbocharged V6s.

2022 Audi Q5 News

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The automotive segment may look a bit bleak at the moment thanks to the coronavirus, but that won’t stop some carmakers from introducing new models.

Audi has announced that it plans to introduce 20 new or new vehicles by 2020, which includes the Q5 Sportback.

Audi announced the Q5 Sportback today during the presentation of financial results in Germany. The Q5 Sportback will be a more sporty and more similar version of the Q5 Sportback coupe, just like the new Q3 Sportback or e-Tron Sportback.

Unfortunately, the Sportback Q3 does not come to the United States, but Audi has not yet announced whether the Sportback Q5 will be offered here.

The Q5 Sportback will also arrive with a fresh Q5, both of which will be 2,021 models.

2022 Audi Q5 Redesign

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A refresh of the Audi Q5 is just around the corner, and when an updated SUV arrives next spring, changes will come in an updated form in tech cars, lightweight-hybrid systems, and a new look.

Audi will also increase its ranks with the addition of a second Q5 Bodystyle; Q5 Sportback will give Audi a challenger to the BMW X4.

Appearing in our exclusive image, the Sportback follows the theme of the other Audi-SUV Audi models, so that it has a close resemblance to a standard car at the front, but gets a sloping roofline at the rear.

Spy shots from the standard Q5 confirm that the new car will have new LED lighting technology and redesigned graphics to distinguish it from its predecessor.

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Different treatments are expected to be applied to Sportback to further separate it from the range.

The same applies to the front, where the lights will be broken down by tweaked versions of the Audi single-frame grille; expect the bezel to be slimmer than before and not completely connected to the headlights like in today’s cars.

A hotter version of this range will also get the Audi A1 triple-vent style design at the forefront of the hood, in homage to the original Quattro coupe.

Inside, the interior will likely be excited by some new infotainment technology. If it’s in line with the latest versions of A4 and A5, Q5 will display a larger infotainment screen above the dashboard, and discard the old MMI click wheel that supports the touch screen interface.

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All the latest in connectivity, including wireless phone charging and USB-C connections, will likely be available.

There should be some changes under the hood too. While Audi introduces hybrid plug-in models into the range towards the end of 2019 – 50 and 55 TFSI e mixing 2.0-liter turbo gasoline with electric motors – a possible 48-volt lightweight hybrid system will be introduced to cut CO2 emissions across all four petrol and diesel models existing cylinder.

This system can recover waste energy from gliding and braking, and move this later – either to reduce the burden on the combustion engine under acceleration or to allow for a faster reaction from the stop/start system.

The top of the range will continue to be crowned by SQ5. In 2019, the SQ5 switched from gasoline to diesel power, adopting the same 3.0-turbocharged V6 lightweight-hybrid used by the Audi S4. Expect 342bhp, 700Nm units to continue its role as the fastest version.

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The new headlights and refined fascia are part of the facelift, and the fenders can be new too. Similar treatments occur in the rear with new rear lights, and although our eyes do not see a difference in the rear fascia, a reshaped exhaust outlet is possible. The back quarter panel might also have a bit of talent.

The greenhouse is likely not to change from the current Q5, although we have heard the dash-mount touch screen can grow up to 10.1 inches.

A larger display is certainly a trend, and by keeping the screen above the dashboard, it’s easy to make changes like that without redesigning the entire enchilada.

Beyond that, color updates and/or trims are always possible, not to mention software updates for MMI infotainment systems. Existing engine and powertrain configurations must also carry over.

The medium-sized SUV segment is arguably the most competitive market in the entire automotive field, which is why update models from most car manufacturers come to us almost every day.

The Q5 is currently not old by any standards with only two years under the belt, but we expect this facelift model to debut early to mid-2020 as a 2021 model.

2022 Audi Q5 Engine

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The introduction of the Q5 Sportback will fill the final gap in the Audi SUV product portfolio, with coupe-style SUVs that are now well represented for the brand.

Introducing a new body style to the Q5 lineup would make sense for Audi considering it is the best-selling SUV in its lineup, recording 4152 saves in 2019 to make it the most popular Audi model.

There is no time given when the Q5 Sportback will reach Australia, but debuting next year or early 2022 seems most likely.

The choice of variants tends to reflect that from the current Q5 line-up, which consists of a range of 2.0-liter four-cylinder and 3.0-liter V6 engines both gasoline and diesel, topped by 260kW / 500Nm SQ5.

Considering the Sportback’s body style is often associated with a more sporty and dynamic ethos, the Q5 Sportback can even pave the way to introduce the first Q5 RS SUV, which is likely to be supported by 331kW / 600Nm which is the same as the twin 2.9 liters. turbo V6 is used in RS4 and RS5.

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The Q5 Sportback RS will allow Audi to compete with people like the BMW X4 M and Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe.

Given the popularity of the line of X4 and GLC Coupe models compared to the regular X3 and GLC, Audi can expect to sell around 1000 examples of the Q5 Sportback per year, based on 2019 Q5 performance.

But the impact of the COVID-19 virus is expected to reduce the number of sales of all brands because the Australian economy is very slow.

Details about the Q5 Sportback including Australian time will be detailed when the model is revealed later this year.

2022 Audi Q5 Price

Prices for the Q5 2020 family should not differ drastically from existing models. For this reason, expect to pay around £ 42,000 for the base model, up from £ 50,000 for PHEVs, and more than £ 55,000 for SQ5.