2024 Audi A6 E Tron: What We Know So Far

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2024 Audi A6 E Tron says hello to Audi’s first electric sedan for the masses: the A6 E-Tron.

This isn’t Audi’s introduction to the EV world—that designation goes to the fastback E-Tron SUV and E-Tron GT but the new electrified version of the A6 will be the automaker’s first low-slung EV that traditional midsize luxury buyers expect to have access to.

Audi previewed this sedan with the A6 E-Tron Concept at the 2021 Shanghai auto show.

  • The evolution of Audi’s renowned design language is under control
  • Built on the Premium Performance Electric platform
  • It will be available with RWD, unlike the current A6
  • The fastback roofline replaces the A6’s other conventional three-box design

2024 Audi A6 E Tron Preview

Audi’s e-Tron electric vehicle family will grow to include executive sedans. It will bear the moniker A6, with the e-Tron suffix added to its name, and will be sold alongside its ICE-powered sibling for several years.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron

We’ve seen some spy shots of this model in the last few weeks, with camouflaged prototypes scooped up on public roads, and on the Nurburgring, doing their thing.

However, the wrapper has unofficially slipped, with the peeps at Kolesa putting their photo editing skills to good use.

The CGI shared in the image gallery above is based on last year’s Audi A6 e-Tron Concept, and features the front and rear as seen on the tester.

As such, the car has separate headlight markings, a closed grille, a normal central radar-equipped central air intake, and two side vents.

Similar to the show car, the profile will have a less curved roofline behind the B-pillars on the original A6 e-Tron. At the back, it has been envisioned with wide LED taillights, separated by the brand’s corporate logo.

Also, it’s worth noting that the trunk lid looks a lot sportier than it should, or so the previous scoop revealed.

The placement of the reflector on the rear bumper looks appropriate, although it will likely have a different shape. The wrap has also been peeled off the diffuser.

Understood to share a PPE platform with the Q6 e-Tron and Porsche Macan, the A6 e-Tron may get the same dual-motor assembly.

The battery-electric RS 6 may be on the cards too, though if it does, then it should be offered as estate only, with Audi also presenting the A6 e-Tron Avant Concept last month.

Calling upon the Mercedes-Benz EQE and the upcoming BMW i5, the A6 e-Tron may debut next year, as a 2024 model.

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2024 Audi A6 E Tron Spied

2024 Audi A6 E-Tron Spied Winter Testing With Production Lights. The winter testing season in the auto industry is underway and many automakers are currently in northern Europe evaluating their upcoming products in winter conditions.

This test procedure is especially valuable for new electric vehicles as it requires additional attention due to the nature of the energy source. Audi is now bringing the A6 E-Tron to Scandinavia with full-body camouflage but some interesting details can already be seen.

This prototype features production lights on all four corners. This electric vehicle from Ingolstadt will be equipped with two rows of lights at the front following a trend that continues to be popular in the industry.

As far as we know, the top row will serve as a daytime running light and side signal, while the bottom row will accommodate the main beam. Closed grilles run between the clusters and there is a small trapezoidal grille at the bottom of the bumper.

The side profile of the A6 E-Tron is very reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3, although the German EV will be slightly larger. At the rear, the lights have a design with individual LED elements on the fenders and trunk lid.

Turn signals can be animated but we can’t say for sure at this point. Overall, the prototype is very similar to the A6 E-Tron concept, which is a good thing because the car on display is a beautiful machine.

Riding on a Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, the electric vehicle will likely share some components with the upcoming electric Porsche Macan, which will be powered by the same platform.

We don’t know much about the A6’s powertrain, though the concept has a dual-motor system with a system output of 470 horsepower (350 kilowatts) and 590 pound-feet (800 Newton-meters).

The concept vehicle is capable of reaching 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) from a standstill in less than 4.0 seconds.

However, potential EV buyers will be more interested in the A6 E-Tron lineup and the concept has a lot to offer. With a floor-mounted 100-kilowatt-hour battery pack, it has an estimated range of over 435 miles (700 kilometers) in the WLTP regime.

An impressive fast charge of up to 270 kilowatts will provide enough power to cover another 186 miles (300 km) in about 10 minutes.

If the specifications of the production version are similar to the concept, we will be dealing with serious competitors in the premium segment.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron Spy Shot

Audi’s A6 family will be expanding to include electric members, and prototypes have just been spotted. The electric variant is the A6 E-Tron, which Audi first previewed in 2021 with a shrouded concept version.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron

The automaker followed up the original concept with the A6 Avant E-Tron concept earlier this year, strongly hinting that the A6 E-Tron would be offered in sedan and wagon body styles (Avant is Audi’s name for wagon).

The production A6 E-Tron is confirmed to launch in 2023, meaning it will likely arrive in dealerships in the 2024 model year.

It will compete with the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan arriving for the 2023 model year, as well as a high-end version of the Tesla Model S hatchback.

As the spy shots and video show, the production A6 E-Tron will be a lot like the stunning concept. The concept measures 195.3 inches long, which is about the size of an internal combustion-powered A6, and the production version should be this size too.

There will be a few differences, of course, such as less ground clearance, as well as true side mirrors instead of a show car camera trunk. The LED light bar that forms the concept’s taillights is also missing here, although it had to go back to the production model.

The headlights here are made up of twin elements, whereas the concept only features a thin slit at the top that forms the daytime running lights. A similar design will be featured on the related Q6 E-Tron SUV whose launch was delayed until next year.

Both the Q6 E-Tron and A6 E-Tron will be the first vehicles based on the Volkswagen Group’s PPE modular EV platform primarily developed by Audi and Porsche. The first Porsche to use the platform was the electric Macan, which also had its launch delayed, this time to 2024.

Audi has confirmed the A6 E-Tron will offer a single-motor rear-wheel drive and a dual-motor all-wheel drive powertrain.

Audi uses a dual-motor setup in the concept with 469 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. Audi also says the concept is equipped with a 100-kWh battery that’s good for over 300 miles and is capable of charging from 5-80% in less than 25 minutes thanks to its 800-volt technology.

Audi Sport can also offer the high-performance RS 6 E-Tron with over 600 hp.

Even though Audi will be launching the A6 E-Tron, the current internal combustion model will stick around for a few years. Audi is planning a light update to keep the car fresh alongside its new electric sibling. However, Audi will only launch EVs starting in 2026.

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2024 Audi A6 E Tron Performance

Audi is planning single and dual-motor variants of the A6 E-Tron, meaning both rear- and all-wheel drive.

That would position the upcoming electric A6 in the dedicated company in Audi’s historic garage, given the automaker built its name on AWD traction.

In the case of the A6 E-Tron Concept, Audi is showing off a two-motor AWD setup, which produces 469 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque. With this setup, Audi claims 0-60 mph in under 4.0 seconds.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron Battrey

The A6 E-Tron will run on a 100 kWh battery pack and is expected to achieve a much further range than the E-Tron SUV and E-Tron GT can offer.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron

Those EVs can only provide EPA maximum values of 222 miles and 232 miles respectively. For the A6 E-Tron, the German manufacturer claims a range of over 435 miles on the European WLTP cycle; expect a range north of 300 miles here in the US on an EPA cycle.

The A6 E-Tron will be capable of charging up to 270 kW, which means the battery can draw 20 kW of power faster than even the fastest Tesla Superchargers can do it. If you can find a 270-kW station, just 10 minutes of charging can add 186 miles to the range.

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2024 Audi A6 E Tron Price

While Audi’s first wave of EVs came with an aspirational pricing strategy—the E-Tron GT starts just above $100,000—we anticipate a more reasonable pricing strategy with the A6 E-Tron.

Our hope is that the entry-level single-motor E-Tron A6 with rear-wheel drive will start at around $55,000.

2024 Audi A6 E Tron Release Date

According to Audi’s timeline, the A6 E-Tron isn’t far off. The company will launch its production version in late 2022 and the model will roll out to dealers at some point in 2023.

People also ask Audi A6 E Tron 2024

Q: When can I order Audi A6 e-Tron?

A: The production A6 E-Tron is confirmed to launch in 2023, meaning it will likely arrive at dealerships in the 2024 model year. It will compete with the Mercedes-Benz EQE sedan arriving for the 2023 model year, as well as a high-end version of the Tesla Model S hatchback.

Q: How much will the Audi A6 e-Tron cost?

A: Prices start at $66,800. Available as a regular SUV or a sleeker Sportback version, the 2023 Audi e-Tron also provides 2-motor or 3-motor variants, the latter sporting the S-label that Audi has awarded its spicier creations. Each e-Tron runs on battery power only. The maximum range is 222 miles.

Q: Is the Audi e-Tron as big as a Q7?

A: Mainly, because every version gets a 360-degree parking camera. For comparison, those dimensions make it longer than the Audi Q5 (4,663mm) but shorter than the Q7 (5,052mm). The e-Tron’s ride height is adjustable up to 76mm, making it easy to get in and out of, while allowing it mild off-road capability.

Q: How much will a 2022 Audi e-Tron cost?

A: Audi e-Tron 2022 Price. The base for the 2022 Sportback e-Tron is $69,100. The Premium Plus model costs $78K, and the top Prestige trim goes up to $82,300.