2024 Audi Q7: All-New Update Audi Q7 SUV Review

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2024 Audi Q7 is the specially designed SUV is perfect for families, the specifications are everything we love about the A6 sedan and put into a taller three-row vehicle.

The Q7 rides like a sports sedan, especially when equipped with adjustable air suspension and rear-wheel steering. The 45 model has a 261 hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while the 55 model has a 335 hp turbocharged V-6 engine.

Both engines come standard with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed automatic transmission, but only the V-6 is capable of towing up to 7,000 pounds.

Inside, there’s a luxurious interior with plenty of space for first- and second-row passengers (the third row is only suitable for children) and plenty of infotainment capabilities to keep you connected to the digital world.

Despite its age, we believe the Q7’s nimble handling and attractive design mean it can compete with its main rivals, including the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, and Volvo XC90.

2024 Audi Q7 Review

The 2024 Audi Q7 is Audi’s flagship SUV, playing an important role in shaping the automaker’s style and technology. This luxury SUV under the Q8 series is designed in typical Audi style and equipped with premium equipment.

The seven-seater’s interior is comfortable and well-made, with plenty of space for passengers and luggage. The Lincoln Aviator, Volvo XC90, and Genesis GV80 are contenders in the competitive three-row luxury SUV sector.

Very light considering its size, high-quality cabin interior and well-connected electronic systems.

  • Upscale, high-tech cabin
  • Excellent ride quality
  • High-performance SQ7

New 2024 Audi Q7

What’s New?

For 2024, the Q7, like several other Audi cars, will come standard with adaptive cruise control. A remote-start option is added to the Q7, however it is accessed via a smartphone app rather than the key fob. A traffic sign recognition feature is now included in the optional Executive package on Premium Plus trims.

Premium Plus trims also come equipped with a new programmable ambient interior lighting system. The top-tier Prestige 55 may be chosen with a new S Line Sport option, which gives the Q7 a sportier look with unique 21- or 22-inch wheels, red brake calipers, black trim, and sport seats with diamond-stitched leather upholstery.

The package also includes rear-wheel steering and adjustable air suspension.

  • Adaptive cruise control is included as standard.
  • The Audi Connect app now supports remote start, while the Executive package features traffic sign recognition.
  • Ambient lighting is now available on Premium Plus trims, and a S Line sport kit is available for 55 Prestige grades.
  • For Prestige trim, optional HD Matrix-design LED headlights with laser lights are available.
  • Audi’s Dinamica headliner is available in Prestige trim.

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What We Believe

Audi is refining the premium three-row Q7, one of its most essential cars, for the 2024 model year. The current-generation SUV has been lauded for its opulent, high-quality cabin and faultless ride quality. Body control is great throughout the board, but the powerful SQ7 is the most exciting.

We have only a few critiques for the Q7. Packaging isn’t as effectively done as other competitors in the class, which normally offer more cargo capacity. Although the second row has plenty of legroom, adults may find the third row difficult to access and tight.

Audi’s Q7 helped shape the luxury three-row SUV sector and remains a formidable contender. Aside from the third row, the 2024 Audi Q7 lineup has a lot of attraction.

2024 Audi Q7 Rendering Facelift Design

The Audi Q7 will be modified for the 2024 model year. We’ve photographed a variety of prototypes in public, mostly in varying degrees of camouflage at the front and back.

Motor.es used some of the surveillance photos and digitally peeled away the layers to create the unofficial representation you see above. This is how the new Q7 may appear when it is officially revealed.

We’re not talking about a fully new vehicle here. Despite being nearly a decade old, the bones of the current-generation Q7 remain unchanged. That’s nearly ancient in the fast-paced world of SUVs.

However, Audi will make the most of the older platform with a contemporary front that includes a wider grille and smaller headlamps.

It’s undoubtedly a trend among most automakers these days, but the image helps us comprehend Audi’s approach to a grille that’s wider rather than deeper. And, while the headlights are thinner, they aren’t as thin as those found on vehicles like the BMW X7.

With a bigger grille, there is less area for rectangular corner vents on the fascia, therefore they are now vertical. The rendering shows a big mesh design on the grille, with the painted surround linking directly to the lighting. Overall, it has a very clean, geometric appearance.

A two-tone finish runs low along the side of the SUV, according to the rendering. That’s not just wishful thinking; we’ve seen prototypes with camouflage wrap placed to the bottoms of the doors, implying that a modification is on the way.

The image does not show any modifications to the rear, but spy photos indicate that new taillights are on the way. Given Audi’s track record with mid-cycle facelifts, you may need to squint to see alterations.

This may technically be called a late-cycle refresh. The current-generation Q7 debuted for the 2016 model year and will be refreshed in 2020. Audi certainly has bigger electric plans in the works, so this second refresh will likely keep the combustion-powered Q7 on the market for a little longer until a full EV replacement is available.

2024 Audi Q7

2024 Audi Q7 Spyshots

It’s not uncommon for automakers to give their vehicles a slight makeover several years after their introduction, a process commonly referred to as a ‘mid-cycle refresh’. Unlike other middle age activities, this one doesn’t involve buying a motorbike and finding a new partner; instead, the process generally involves small but tangible changes to parts such as lights, which can be easily changed without re-engineering the vehicle’s chassis.

This is the direction Audi has taken with the three-row Q7 until a new variant emerges in a few years. Our spy photographers captured this lightly camouflaged test vehicle in Germany, undergoing several validations on smooth paved urban roads where machines like the Q7 are typically found. The off-road that many vehicles of this ilk experience the most is the unpaved section in the far corner of a Costco parking lot, so this comes as no surprise.

Audi is a master of the ‘different lengths of sausage’ design school, meaning this updated Q7 will look a lot like its smaller Q5 sibling. And Q3 . And Q1, if it’s here. This isn’t a bad thing for customers who love German grit, especially with the newly sculpted headlights on the front of the new Q7. Adding a new LED mascara is a relatively simple way for automakers to change up the look of their rig, so expect a full look at that treatment here when the camouflage is removed.

At the rear we find a flap around the taillight, showing modified lighting markings in this area as well. Since this is a midcycle refresh, major changes won’t be made to the shape of the hatch, the panel which houses the Q7’s taillights. The bulb for the reverse light appears to have remained in the rear bumper, where it would have been good and expensive to replace even with a minor fender dent. There are no changes to side items such as the fuel filler neck, but the camouflage suggests some differences the lower cladding trim may have in the near future. While not visible here, minor changes to interior technology may also be on the way.

The massive 2024 Audi Q7 isn’t the best-selling brand in Canada; that crown belongs to the Q3 and Q5, which account for more than half of Audi’s volume in the country. Still, the market demands a three-row vehicle for those who want it – and you can be sure that Audi is enjoying that stellar advantage. Look for the updated Q7 later this year.

2024 Audi Q7

2024 Audi Q7 Prototype

Audi has been seen testing prototypes for the updated Q7, and testers appear to be in the final stages of development. The current Q7, the second generation of the nameplate, arrived for the 2017 model year and was given its first update for 2020. Normally a prototype for a redesigned model would appear around this time, but Audi plans to move on to the full version. this decade’s electric lineup makes sense for automakers to keep updating current internal combustion models until electric successors arrive.

The updated three-row SUV is expected to arrive later this year or early next year, possibly as a 2024 model. Its arrival should coincide with the updated Q8, a prototype of which is also being tested. Both SUVs are expected to adopt the design features introduced in the recently revealed 2023 E-Tron Q8, the latest version of the E-Tron electric SUV.

The updated Q7 prototype features new fascias at both ends and front intakes in a similar design to the Q8 E-Tron. The grille is also new, as are the lights at both ends. Adjustments also had to be made to the cabin, which, like the Q8 e-tron’s cabin, should feature new trim materials, including increased use of recycled materials in some areas.

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2024 Audi Q7 Interior

How technologically savvy are you? If you answered “not very,” the Audi’s two-touchscreen infotainment system can be perplexing. Despite the numerous sources of user input, the thick system and menu layout can pose usability issues because they require a great deal of your attention to function successfully.

Other aspects of the inside of the Q7 are more inviting. The seating position provides a wide view out the front, as well as to the sides and back. The first and second rows are spacious, but the third row is primarily for children.

While getting into the third row can be difficult due to the seat mechanism, the front and rear doors provide unobstructed access to those rows.

New 2024 Audi Q7


How’s the technology? Aside from the possible usability concerns with the dual touchscreen, the Q7’s UI is bright, beautiful, and quick to respond to user inputs. The navigation system offers a handy handwriting option that eliminates the need to search for individual letters, and it even recognizes our chicken scratch with ease.

Our test Q7 has four USB ports, a 12-volt outlet, and a charging pad. Wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto are standard, however the former had a few issues. The voice controls aren’t as good as those found on Mercedes’ MBUX system, but they’re close.

The modern driving safety aids in the Q7 are effective, and the majority of them are standard.

Every 2024 Q7 comes standard with a 10.1-inch higher touchscreen and an 8.6-inch bottom touchscreen. The upper monitor controls the interior climate and other convenience features, while the bottom panel controls Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and built-in navigation. Audi also includes a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster with the Q7.

The Premium grade comes standard with a 10-speaker audio system, whereas Premium Plus vehicles have 19-speaker setups and the Premium SUV has a 19-speaker setup. A phone box with a signal box and a wireless charger, a head-up display, and power soft-closing doors are also available.


How is the storage situation? Cargo capacity ranges from 14.2 cubic feet behind the third row to 69.6 cubic feet when all rows are folded. These are the averages for the class. The optional air suspension raises and lowers the rear axle, making freight loading and unloading easier.

The power-folding third-row seats are a lovely feature that can fold regardless of where the second-row seats are positioned. The interior storage is adequate, with the large door pockets being ideal for stashing items.

Three sets of child safety seat anchors in the second row and two in the third row are unusual for the class, providing some good child seat placement possibilities.

Audi claims a 7,700-pound towing capacity for the V6-powered Q7 with the optional tow package, which is sufficient for many recreational trailers. The four-cylinder engine has a maximum capacity of 4,400 pounds.

2024 Audi Q7 Engine Performance

Audi equips the entry-level Q7 45 TFSI with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 261 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque. Standard features include an eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive.

Audi claims that the Q7 accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds. The EPA estimates that the 2023 Audi Q7 45 TFSI will get 19/25 mpg city/highway.

The Q7 55 TFSI model comes with a more powerful engine. A 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 produces 335 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque. This engine is mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive.

With this arrangement, 0-60 mph is reduced to 5.7 seconds in accordance with the improved output. The Q7 55 TFSI’s fuel efficiency for the 2023 model year was evaluated at 18/22 mpg.

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The Powerful SQ7 Super SUV

The 2024 SQ7 is the top-of-the-line version of Audi’s three-row SUV. This super ute can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds thanks to a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 producing 500 horses and 568 lb-ft of torque.

This top-tier variant, like other Q7 models, has an eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The SQ7’s performance qualities are rounded out by all-wheel steering, sport adjustable air suspension, and large brakes. The EPA rates the SQ7 at 14/20 mpg in 2023.

2024 Audi Q7 Safety Features

The 2024 Q7 includes automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic high lights as standard equipment.

There is adaptive cruise control offered. The Executive package includes traffic sign recognition, while the top-tier Prestige trim includes Audi’s HD Matrix-design LED headlights with laser lighting.

2024 Audi Q7 Trim

Audi provides three trim levels for the Q7: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige. The Premium Plus model improves on the base model and is the best value in the portfolio.

A 19-speaker sound system, Audi’s iconic Matrix-design LED headlights with eye-catching DRL signature, a wireless charger, a signal booster, and a heated steering wheel are among the cool features. In addition, an ambient lighting package is now available on this trim level. If you go with the standard engine, the starting price is slightly more than $64,000.

New 2024 Audi Q7

2024 Audi Q7 Models

The base Premium trim is well-equipped, but the value-packed Premium Plus trim is our recommendation. The Convenience package is included, as well as other noticeable modifications like the Bang & Olufsen premium audio system and updated LED headlights.

We ieve that if you have the budget for the more powerful V6 engine (or 55 TFSI), you should choose it because it has the same fuel efficiency as the standard four-cylinder engine (or 45 TFSI).

The 2024 Audi Q7 is a three-row midsize SUV that comes in three trim levels: Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige. All Q7s have three rows of seating for a total of seven passengers and all-wheel drive.

If you want something a little more sporty, consider the Q7’s siblings: the V8-powered SQ7, the two-row coupe-style Q8 and SQ8, and the high-performance RS Q8. Edmunds has different reviews for each. Continue reading for a summary of the Q7’s powertrains, basic features, and possible options.

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2024 Audi Q7 Price

ThQ7 foris priced roughly the same as its German competitors and comes with an attractive set of standard features. Our Prestige test vehicle seemed a little expensive for what it offers, but other models provide better value. In classic Audi form, the Q7’s interior design and materials are excellent.

  • 45 Premium quattro $59,500
  • 55 Premium quattro $65,300
  • 55 Premium Plus quattro $67,300
  • 45 Premium Plus quattro $69,100


The Audi Q7 is one of the largest three-row luxury SUVs available. It has a luxurious interior, smooth performance,  largestcomplete collection of technological facilities. The only things holdingperformance, rom earning praise are the awkward infotainment system and cramped third-row seats.

The base and powertrain warranties last four years/50,000 miles. Roadside support is available for four years and unlimited miles. These are all market characteristics. We’ll be back shortly with more information on the 2024 Audi Q7, so be sure to bookmark the Audi Car USA website for the latest information on the Audi Q7 and other Audi future-related updates.

People also ask Audi Q7

Q: Is Audi Q7 getting a redesign?

A: The unofficial depiction is based on spy photos of a larger grille and a redesigned fascia. The Audi Q7 will be modified for the 2024 model year.

Q: What is the Audi 2024 refresh?

A: Audi claims that updated steering hardware and suspension algorithms improve the responsiveness of the 2024 Q8 E-tron. The SUV also gets revised front and rear fascias, as well as a more aerodynamic wheel lineup. The Q8 E-tron 2024 will be the first Audi model with laser-etched badging on the B-pillar.

Q: Will Audi discontinue Q7?

A: Similar lifespans are planned for the next Q3 and Q3 Sportback in 2024, the last-of-its-kind Q5 (2024) and Q5 Sportback (2025), and the ultimate Q7 in mid-2025. In China, instead of the anticipated Q7 Sportback, we could witness a plusher and more premium Q9 befitting of the Horch label.

Q: Is it expensive to maintain Audi Q7?

A: During the first ten years of ownership, an Audi Q7 will cost approximately $12,489 in maintenance and repairs. This is $3,225 more than the industry average for luxury SUV models.