Audi Q3 2019 Dimensions

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Audi Q3 2019 Dimensions

Audi Q3 2019 Dimensions welcome to discover New Audi sedans, SUVs & coupes get our expert review.  Audi produced the first 2011 Q3 compact crossover, but did not bring it up in America until after a renovation for the model year the2015. Since its Star-spangled arrival, luxury oriented high posture has sent strong sales numbers to five-door, performance packed with a good segment competition.

These days, the demand for small SUVs, the Audi Q3 2019 model continues to grow unabated, which means giving a second generation update for the year. Q3 ‘s latest styling tips and equipment provide Perks, including S8 and A8 Range-toppers from Audi’s lineup, with larger external dimensions and round out turbocharged engine series.

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While the 2019 Audi Q3 offers really new styling, the comprehensive design is more or less the same as the outgoing model, with steep posture, sharp angles, and deep cuts. Put them all together and get a high-profile crossover with tons of Premium tips, most of them pulled in the Audi range-topping S8 SUV.

And we’d file style changes under the heading “Evolution rather than revolution “, “There are several important aesthetic updates to point out.

We start at the front, where we find the exact effect once again the signature of the singleframe of Audi. This time, though, the design uses a new octagon shape, unlike the six-sided grille found in the previous model year. The nose also comes with eight vertical chrome ribs to add to the grille, replacing the horizontal ribs of the previous model, and also get a bit of a reshaping at the same time.

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Higher, we find headlight housing, where we get a sharp, drawn-back look that gives more than the high-tech Vibe compared to the old model’s trapezoidal enclosures. Coming complete with an adaptive high beam feature, you will be able to buy Q3 with three individual led setups for advanced lighting, including a Range-topping matrix LED layout.

Moving around the sides, we can find the bookend of the symmetrical lighting chart profile between the front and rear, mirrored headlights and taillights on the shoulder line with the same cut style shape. The wheel sizing includes 17-inchers, 18-inchers and 20-inchers, all of which come with lightweight aluminum construction. Moreover, the 20-inch wheel option comes from Audi Sport GmbH, giving a little extra performance spice in the Q3 process.

Housing large alloy cylinders, you would find flared-out wheel arches, which are designed to emphasize the crossover’s size and presence, even a compact model. The chubby-up fenders also give a nod to the SUV Quattro drivetrain (more in the “drivetrain ” section). Further back, the angle of the D columns helps to emphasize the car’s forward-inclined Rake. The polished window surrounds the flash factor, and the roof rails up to the side of practicality.

To add a dash of extra off-roader style, Q3 comes with the option for contrasting paint in the lower body coating, which is added to the nose stretches back. Presented in a matte-black finish, the lower plating path should help to avoid any bit off the terrain that began exploring less travel.

Finally, the rear, 2019 Q3 comes with a thin end edge roof spoiler, plus a wide-stop lamp enclosures that match the front headlight design. The bottom bumper comes once again with the same solid black color, plus a pair of Faux holes in the corners.

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All said, Audi offers three external packages to enhance Q3 ‘s exterior Styling. It includes a sporty S line package, which adds new performance-oriented therapies to the bumpers, sill trim and diffuser.

There are ten paint options on the table. Beyond aesthetics, Q3 is greater than before, with external dimensions including an increase in overall length 14.7 feet, 3.8-inch increase compared to the outgoing model. The 2019 Audi Q3 also gains a large degree of wheelbase, up to 6.1 feet in general width, up to a wider inch than before, 3 inches in length, up to 8.8 feet overall. All this size increases help to increase passenger comfort in the cabin, with extended headroom, more elbow room, and more knee room compared to the outgoing model year.

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This, 2019 Q3 also said that the 0.2 inches are generally short in terms of elevation, down 5.2 feet overall. This certainly gives a little extra visual appeal, but it can also have a small impact on the inner headroom. If there is no word yet, it is really the case.

Regardless, the 2019 Audi Q3 is still considered to be great for the compact segment. You can also check the full external dimensions in the table provided below which includes the previous model year for the sake of comparison.

Audi Q3 2019 Dimensions

  • Audi Q3 External Dimensions 2019 model year 2018 model year
  • Total length 4,485 mm (176.6 inches) 4,388 mm (172.8 inches)
  • Overall width 1,856 mm (73.1 inches) 1,831 (72.1 inches)
  • Overall height 1,585 mm (62.4 inches) 1,590 mm (62.6 inches)
  • Wheelbase 2,680 mm (105.5 inches) 2,603 mm (102.5 inches)