2025 Audi RS3: All-New Powerful Sports Car Reviews

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2025 Audi RS3 is a car with a noisy turbo-five engine, optional R compound tires, and rear-biased AWD allowing for drift. Step inside the Audi RS3 2024 and hold on tight to this compact sports sedan that is ready to thrill its driver.

In addition, Audi also includes an all-wheel drive system that exudes torque with a rear-biased preset for novice drifters. When not driving around town, this assertively styled four-door is a joy to race on the track, with optional R-compound track tires providing revolutionary grip and low lap times.

We like the way Audi has given the RS3 a softer edge. With plenty of luxury options and a comfortable cabin (at least for those in the front seats), this sedan can seamlessly transform from a beater to a cruiser.

If consumers want to keep the price low, we advise them not to overindulge in the options.

  • Engine with a lot of personalities
  • Excellent cornering grip and stability
  • Front seats and ride comfort for a performance vehicle
  • There will be no noteworthy changes in 2024.

2025 Audi RS3 Reviews

The RS 3 is the high-performance variant of Audi’s smallest vehicle, the A3. It’s more powerful and capable than the S3, and it’s the most economical way to drive one of the brand’s legendary RS models. Its tiny size, muscular strength, and tenacious grip enable lively driving.

But don’t be fooled by its compact stature and performance credentials; the RS 3 also offers a comfortable ride and rear seats large enough for adults.

Prototypes of the 2025 facelifted Audi RS3 hot hatch have been in front of our spy photographers’ lenses a few times in recent months, but its sedan sibling has kept a low profile. The last time we saw an RS3 car on the road was in October 2022.

However, with both models expected to be released within the next several months, the four-door variation has been putting in some road miles to ensure it is ready.

The RS3 hatch, which isn’t sold in the United States, and sedan, which is accessible in most regions, are nearly identical except for their various trunk layouts. As a result, the identical cosmetic changes shown on the 2025 hatch are also present on this sedan prototype found in Germany.

It’s merely a facelift, not a new automobile, the only differences from the existing 2024 model are new lights and a changed grille.

The most noticeable will be the new lights, which will use Audi’s new form of DRLs made up of numerous LED blocks that can display different patterns. They’ve already been introduced to us on the Q6 e-tron.

The grille alteration, on the other hand, is obvious, with the existing car’s massive chain-link-style grille mesh giving way to a new double-diamond pattern. The device will also include the new four-ring logo, which debuted on the Q8 e-tron.

Naturally, there are changes to the rear lights, too, and we seriously hope Audi ditches the cheap-looking fake vents in the rear bumper like Honda did when it introduced the latest Civic Type R.

It’s hard to tell if the fake mesh has gone but we can see that the reflector in the bumper has moved from a horizontal to a vertical position, and the lip spoiler on the trunk also looks much smaller, though it might not be a final production item.

Audi will keep the RS3’s current 2.5-liter inline-five engine, but no doubt it will add a few extra horses to go with the facelift. The current automobile has 394 hp (294 kW / 400 PS) in Europe and up to 401 hp (299 kW / 407 PS) in the US, although its AMG A45 S counterpart has 415 hp (421 PS).

2025 Audi RS3

What’s New?

As far as we know at this point, there are no major changes to the RS3 for the 2024 model year. There are some minor changes though. For example, the matte carbon-look inner trim is now standard on all RS3s.

The optional 2025 Audi RS3 Design now features red contrast stitching on the seats and previously green accents.

  • 401 horsepower
  • MSRP: Starting at $62,700 (estimated).
  • 2.5 L 5-cylinder engine
  • Weight at the curb: 3,638 lbs.
  • Torque: 369 pound-feet
  • Size: 179′′ L x 73′′ W x 56′′ H
  • The sedan is a body type.

What We Believe

It’s safe to say there won’t be many RS 3s on the streets, but we’re sure this car will be more popular than the previous RS3. With the 2025 RS3 getting its latest update on the side of a more aggressive front end and a lower stance than before, this is a more complete vehicle that looks more like an Audi-labeled RS.

We like the look of this Audi. It’s also very fast and would score higher if it did a better job of connecting us to the driving experience. We just wish The New 2025 Audi RS3 had been more serious and more fun, but there’s no debating its effectiveness.

Understand that you’re paying for performance, not good cabin quality. The plastics are similar to those found on the base A3, with a large amount of piano black plastic that can instantly catch your fingerprints, leaving the screen and parts of the center console looking dirty.

Having said that, we have to admit how admirably the RS 3 is put together. There were no creaks or rattles on our test vehicle, and all the buttons, knobs, and switches appeared to be of high quality.

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2025 Audi RS3 Updates

OK, this time we will update some information about the new Audi RS3 that just debuted in the United States last year, but the German automaker is already planning a facelift. Carbuzz’s Jacob Oliva also revealed that after several photos of an RS3 prototype that was rumored to be missing some RS details late last year, our spies have captured the first confirmed images of the high-performance A3 derivative.

This time, the RS3 (in Sportback/hatchback form) was spotted at the Nurburgring, covered in camouflage to hide its modifications.

The front end is heavily camouflaged, hiding a redesigned grille and revised mesh inside, as well as corner vents. The front bumper appears to have been changed, as have the headlights, which will have new details, most likely new LED DRLs in place of the current checkered flag design. Other front-end changes include a repositioned Audi logo, which is now higher on the front of the car.

The prototype’s wings are also slightly covered, hiding slight changes to the side skirts. All of these upgrades will be available in the United States, where the RS3 is only available in sedan form.

However, changes on the back end will not occur. However, this may have an impact on the sedan’s shape, where the rear light graphics, as well as the diffuser design, could be modified.

The 2025 RS3 spy photos don’t show the cabin, but no covers were found, indicating that the current layout will most likely be carried over to the updated model. However, a software update is in progress.

Audi’s venerable 2.5-liter turbo five-cylinder engine is expected to power the RS3, with a few tweaks and perhaps some extra power beyond the current 401 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque.

Next-Gen 2025 Audi RS3

Audi is working on a mid-cycle update for its current A3 generation, with the most recent prototype spotted for the revised RS 3 sedan. Prototypes for new versions of the standard A3 sedan and sporty S3 sedan, as well as the RS 3 Sportback marketed in other markets, are also being tested.

The current A3 was introduced in the United States for the 2022 model year. The revised A3 is scheduled to be introduced late this year or early next year, and the car and its performance variations are slated to arrive in the United States as Audi RS3 2025 models, though only in sedan form.

The prototype is very minimally camouflaged and displays new interior designs for the lights at both ends, as well as a redesigned grille and front and rear fascias. Because of the massive wheel and brake combination, as well as the lowered suspension and the trademark RS oval exhaust tips, which here have temporary tips jutting out of them, we know the prototype is for an RS version of the A3.

Expect the update to feature minor changes on the inside, such as a larger screen for the infotainment system. The current screen size is 12.3 inches.

It’s unclear whether any upgrades are in the works for the powertrain. The current RS 3 is powered by a 401-hp turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-5 engine. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. With this modification, a mild-hybrid system might be implemented.

The newest A3 lineup, the fourth generation of the model, is built on an improved version of Volkswagen Group’s front-wheel-drive MQB modular platform. Under the skin, it’s virtually identical to the new Volkswagen Golf, which will be updated alongside the A3. The redesigned Golf prototypes are also being tested.

Future generations of the Golf, and most likely the A3, will only be available with electric power.

Spied: 2025 Audi RS3 Sportback

Audi is completing up the facelifted RS 3 Sportback, which will have new bumpers and upgraded lighting components. Audi is giving our tired eyes a rest by spotting the 2025 RS3 next to the current model. Although the modifications are quite minor, this greatly simplifies the effort of detecting them.

Having said that, the facelifted hatchback features a new front bumper that is more linear and unified. A bolder grille with redesigned intakes, as well as a sportier mesh pattern, can also be seen.

Additional alterations are few, but the headlights are disguised, implying that they will have new visuals despite having a familiar design. The device will also include the new four-ring logo, which debuted on the Q8 e-tron.

Out back, we can see a redesigned bumper without the fake vents. That remains to be seen, but the images clearly show that the reflectors will move and take on an angular appearance. Redesigned taillights with new reverse lights are also visible.

It is unclear whether any changes will be made under the hood, but the present model features a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine that produces 394 horsepower (294 kW / 400 PS) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. This allows the hatchback to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph (0 to 100 km/h) in 3.8 seconds before topping out at 155 mph (250 km/h).

With 401 hp (299 kW / 407 PS) in the RS3 Sportback Performance Edition, Audi could bring enhancements to the basic RS3 as part of the facelift.

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2025 RS3 Facelift

In the Audi RS3 Facelift 2025 segment, it has become a hot topic of conversation recently, where the 2025 Audi RS3 facelift hot hatch prototype has caught the attention of our spy photographers several times in the last few months, but its sedan sibling has kept a low profile. The last time we saw an RS3 on the road was in October 2022. However, with both models expected to be released in the next few months, the four-door variation has already racked up a few miles to ensure it’s ready.

Quoting Chris Chilton of media site Carscoops, the RS3 hatch, which is not sold in the United States, and the sedan, which is available in most regions, are almost identical except for the different trunk layouts.

As a result, similar cosmetic changes shown on the 2025 hatchback are also present on the sedan prototype found in Germany. This is just a facelift, not a completely new car, so the only differences from the 2024 model are new lights and a changed grille.

In this redesign, we see the most striking form is the new headlights, which will use Audi’s new form of DRL consisting of many LED blocks that can display different patterns. They have been introduced to us in the e-tron Q6. Changes to the grille, on the other hand, are obvious, with the existing car’s large chain-link style grille giving way to a new double diamond pattern. The device will also include the new four-ring logo, which debuted on the Q8 e-tron.

Of course, the taillights have been updated, and we wish Audi had ditched the cheap-looking fake vents in the rear bumper, as Honda did on the current Civic Type R. It’s hard to say whether the fake mesh has gone, but the reflectors in the bumper have shifted from horizontal to vertical, and the lip spoiler in the trunk appears much smaller, but this may not be a final production result.

We assume that Audi will retain the RS3’s current 2.5-liter inline-five engine, but will no doubt add some extra power to go with the facelift. The car is currently rated at 394 hp (294 kW / 400 PS) in Europe and up to 401 hp (299 kW / 407 PS) in the US, although its AMG A45 S version is rated at 415 hp (421 PS).

2025 Audi RS3 Sportback

In another segment, we also inform you that the New 2025 Audi RS3 has entered the Prototype phase. Where we found the 2025 Audi RS3 being updated. 2025 Audi RS3 Spy Shots show that Audi is working on an improved version of the RS 3 Sportback high-performance hatchback that is sold outside the United States.

Its appearance is not surprising considering that Audi is also developing prototypes for the normal A3 and the sportier S3.

The current A3 was introduced for the 2022 model year. A revised A3 is scheduled to be introduced late this year or early next year, and the car and its performance variations are scheduled to arrive in the United States as a 2025 model, though only in sedans. form.

Additionally, the information we obtained from Viknesh Vijayenthiran at Motorauthority shows the latest process by showing images of an upgraded RS 3 Sportback prototype alongside the current model, creating a good contrast between the two designs.

There is a new design for the inside lights at both ends, as well as a new grille and front and rear fascia. Due to the combination of the big wheels and brakes, as well as the lowered suspension and RS’s signature oval exhaust tips, we know that the prototype is for the RS version of the A3 Sportback.

We expect the update to feature minor changes on the inside, such as a larger screen for the infotainment system. The current screen size is 12.3 inches.

It’s unclear if any upgrades are being made to the powertrain. The Audi RS3 2025 now has a 2.5-liter turbo-5 engine with 401 horsepower. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission sends power to all four wheels. Since some prototypes include the yellow warning sign typically reserved for electric vehicles, a mild hybrid system could likely be incorporated into this update.

The latest A3 range, the fourth generation model, is built on an upgraded version of the Volkswagen Group’s front-wheel drive MQB modular platform. In appearance, the car is almost identical to the new Volkswagen Golf, which will be updated alongside the A3. A redesigned Golf prototype is also being tested.

2025 Audi RS3 Sedan

The headlights retain the same design but have new graphics, flanking a reduced grille. The bumper’s side vents have been redesigned, the integrated apron appears wider and the rear bumper appears to no longer have false vents, which is a significant cosmetic upgrade that will give the car a cleaner look.

There is also a redesign in that the oval exhaust trim remains, but the diffuser is new. It’s also worth noting that the taillights have new graphics and the trunk lid spoiler is identical to the current Audi RS 3 Sedan. These are all the shapes we know of the 2025 Audi RS3 Sedan Redesign.

Apart from that, Cristian Gnaticov from Autoevolution also provides us with information that the profile has not changed, and this is not surprising considering this is a mid-cycle refresh. However, certain new wheels, even as alternatives, may be included, even if they are not currently part of the novelty.

Audi mechanics don’t seem to be interfering with the suspension or brakes. The engine is a 2.5-liter five-cylinder turbocharged unit producing 394 horsepower (400 ps/294 kW) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque in Europe. This US-spec engine is rated at 401 horsepower (407 ps/304 kW), but has the same torque as the foreign engine.

The 2024 model has a top speed of 155 mph (250 kph) and takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from zero to sixty mph (0 to 97 kph). We don’t expect the four-ring brand to make it faster in the 2025 model year, so the facelifted iteration, which will likely retain the seven-speed dual-clutch S tronic automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, should be fair game. as soon as possible.

Its driver-centric cockpit, reminiscent of a Lamborghini, is expected to remain. Before finalizing it, the company will likely provide new software for the two main displays, as well as new trim and upholstery. The same goes for the RS 3 Sportback facelift, which will be powered by the same engine that places it just behind the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S, whose 2.0L four-cylinder engine produces 416 hp (421 ps/310 kW).

2025 Audi RS3 Redesign

There is no longer any debate that Audi has stated that it will launch exclusively electric vehicles starting in 2026, but there is still time to refresh its small performance car. Our spies take a closer look at the upcoming facelift for the S3 and RS3 from Four Rings.

Even though both have been seen testing as sedans, previous hatchback prototypes have shown that the five-door Sportback is also changing. The modifications were minor, as is usual at Ingolstadt.

So, what’s the difference? Starting from the front, the headlights peeking through the camouflage feature new LEDs with several parallelograms mounted on the top in different sizes. Depending on the model, the lights now flank a redesigned grille with varying designs.

The S3’s grille is reminiscent of the Hyundai Elantra N. The angled vertical slats between the lower air intake and side vents appear to be gone on the RS3, giving the bumper a cleaner look.

According to Motor1’s Adrian Padeanu, this is only a mid-cycle update, the profile will remain the same, but Audi may experiment with different wheel designs and colors. At the rear, the S3 will retain its quad exhaust tips, while the larger Audi RS3 2025 will retain its signature pair of oval exhausts. Both appear to have new rear light graphics as well as vertical red reflectors that are slightly angled compared to the current model’s horizontal configuration.

It remains to be seen whether any changes will be made under the hood. The Audi S3 certainly deserves more power, with 310 hp in Europe and just 306 hp in the United States. We bring this up because the cheaper Volkswagen Golf R is available in Europe with up to 329 horsepower. It doesn’t seem right for Volkswagen to outperform its more expensive Audi sibling.

Audi has hinted that the RS3 will receive an upgraded five-cylinder engine. Audi Sport boss Sebastian Grams stated earlier this year, “We will add five cylinders for the next step.” We’ll work on it.” Meanwhile, the RS3 makes 401 horsepower, so perhaps the final push before the five-cylinder is retired will top the AMG’s 416 hp.

2025 Audi RS3 Interior

On the inside the 2025 Audi RS3 has the same passenger space as the A3 and S3, but has sharper front seats. Audi equips all models with a dashboard that is anything but boring. A pair of high-mounted air vents flank the instrument panel, which houses a set of digital gauges, and faces the driver.

A head-up display is also available for the RS3. Climate control with physical buttons is located below the center touchscreen, and a trash can is built into the center console.

Unfortunately, the driver has to select gears using a strange shifter, and fat paddles on the steering wheel are an option once the RS3 is in motion.

Connectivity and infotainment

Update the 2025 Audi RS3 by using the same infotainment system as the A3 and S3, with a 10.1-inch touchscreen positioned in the center of the dashboard.

Touch controls, steering wheel buttons, and voice instructions are all supported. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also included. There is also built-in navigation, a subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot, and wireless phone charging.


The infotainment system in the RS 3 isn’t as glitzy as Mercedes’ MBUX system, but it functions just as well and is easier to use. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity is available, and the interior includes four USB connections to ensure that everyone’s gadget is well-charged.

Every safety feature available on Audi’s compact cars is standard on the RS 3. That means adaptive cruise control, a blind-spot warning system, and lane-keeping aid are all standard features. Audi’s adaptive cruise control has been significantly improved in the RS 3.

Previous Audis, whether performance or not, had adaptive cruise systems that were either too quick to panic brake or arbitrarily disengaged. This is not the case on the RS 3, and this upgrade makes utilizing the system a lot more confident experience.


Despite its compact size, the RS 3 has lots of storage capacity. Large door bins and well-placed cupholders in the center console easily swallow cups and other small objects.

However, the middle console is too narrow and not deep enough to be called a true storage solution. It also relies on the armrest to act as a lid, and if you plan on supporting your arm at all, the middle console is never closed.

The truck aperture is large enough to allow for relatively easy loading and unloading. The truck is also a good size for a compact car, with 8.3 cubic feet of open air.

Things are even more open thanks to 60/40-split folding rear seats that provide room for larger goods.

2025 Audi RS3 Engine

The 2025 Audi RS3’s odd five-cylinder engine is one of its most distinguishing features. Its odd number of cylinders gives it a distinct thrumming noise, which was especially appealing on the previous model. The most recent iteration is a turbocharged 2.5-liter with 401 horsepower.

The engine is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that downshifts carefully with minor throttle inputs but responds less aggressively under severe braking.

The 2025 Audi RS3 standard all-wheel-drive system on the RS3 incorporates a torque-vectoring rear differential with a drift mode. Unfortunately, getting the RS3’s tail to kick out takes time and effort, which may be tough to maintain.

In comparison to the A3 and S3, the sportiest 3 sports enhanced brakes, a firmer suspension setup, and a unique set of wheels wrapped in stickier performance tires. The RS3 we drove made exciting noises, and the car’s tenacity was clear on the racetrack.

It was also composed and pleasant when driven slowly on typical roads. At our test track, we recorded a 3.3-second run to 60 mph; the RS3 completed the quarter-mile in 11.8 seconds at 117 mph.

Performance from five cylinders

The 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine powers the RS 3. Many automobiles have four- or six-cylinder engines, but Audi’s five-cylinder engine is unique and produces a distinctive sound.

It’s turbocharged and calibrated to produce 401 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque, and it’s paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends power to an all-wheel-drive system with a torque-vectoring rear differential.

When we tried it, the RS 3 went from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds thanks to its powerful powerplant. The adjustable sport suspension (which includes two RS drive modes) and sticky summer tires on the RS 3 guarantee that the pint-size supercar feels completely at home on a twisty road or at the track.

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Consider your competitors.

The Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 S and the slightly larger Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing are among the RS 3’s rivals. try the new Acura Integra Type S for a more economical choice, and if you don’t mind two doors, try the recently remodeled BMW M2.

Don’t forget about the Tesla Model 3 Performance, which is entirely electric. Check out our Edmunds Expert Rating below for an in-depth review of the RS 3.


Audi’s 2025 Audi RS3-badged vehicles have always done a fantastic job of blending comfort and performance, and the RS 3 is no exception. Even in the stiffest suspension option, road surface lumps and bumps rarely make their way into the interior, which is unusual for a car with such high-performance ambitions.

Because of the RS 3’s 19-inch wheels and high-performance Pirelli tires, there will be a lot of road noise in the interior. It isn’t a deal breaker, but it is worth noting.

The customized sports front seats on the RS 3 merely contribute to the cabin’s comfort level. They’re made of soft leather that’s unusually supple. They aren’t as solid or grip on as tightly as other competitors’ seats, but we’ll take that trade-off for a little more everyday usage.

2025 Audi RS3 MPG

The RS3 gets 19 mpg in town and 28 mpg on the interstate. The vehicle surpassed its EPA estimate with a 33 mpg rating on our 75-mph fuel economy route, which is part of our thorough testing procedure. Visit the EPA website for additional information on the RS3’s fuel economy.

2025 Audi RS3 Models

The Audi RS 3 is a high-performance variant of Audi’s A3 car. It’s propelled by a turbocharged 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine (401 horsepower, 369 lb-ft torque), which is mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch automated transmission and all-wheel drive.

The RS 3 is well-equipped with:

  • 19-inch rims wrapped in high-performance summer tires
  • Lower ride height adaptive sport suspension (for increased comfort and handling)
  • Headlights with LEDs
  • Sunroof with a panoramic view
  • Keyless ignition and entry
  • Interior and exterior auto-dimming mirrors
  • Power-folding heated side mirrors
  • Diamond patchwork stitching on the premium leather upholstery
  • Front power-adjustable and heated seats with driver seat memory
  • Automatic three-zone climate control
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Cluster of digital instruments
  • Touchscreen display of 10.1 inches
  • Smartphone compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (including wireless communication)
  • Smartphone charging pad that is wireless

Among the advanced driving assistance features are:

  • Forward collision mitigation (warns you of an approaching collision and, in some cases, applies the brakes)
  • Lane departure mitigation (warns you of a lane departure when you don’t use a turn signal and can automatically steer to keep you in your lane)
  • Adaptive cruise control (adjusts speed to keep a constant space between the vehicle and the vehicle in front of it)
  • Lane centering system (makes modest steering modifications to assist the vehicle in remaining centered in its lane)
  • Automated parking system (automatically maneuvers into a parking space with little or no driver assistance)

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2025 Audi RS3 Price

The RS3 begins at roughly $63,000 and has few choices. If you want to set hot laps in the small car as we did at Virginia International Raceway during our 2023 Lightning Lap event, we recommend opting for the optional Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R track tires, which are a deal at $450 total.

Those who do not want to race their RS3 should stick with the basic summer rubber, which will likely have a longer shelf life. We’d pass on the other packages because they’re mostly cosmetic.

  • RS3 $62,795

2025 Audi RS3 Release Date

Since the current RS 3, which is only sold in a sedan body style in our market, with the hatch being sold overseas, is already in the 2024 model year, we anticipate its mid-cycle refresh will arrive in US showrooms for the 2025 model year, after the global launch, expected in a few months.


The 2025 Audi RS3’s all-wheel-drive system ensures grip even in wet conditions, and the lively turbocharged five-cylinder engine delivers plenty of power and drama.

But just as it can tackle muddy roads, it can also be a polite companion daily. The RS 3 is an attractive choice for a cool compact car. Nice!

We’ll be back shortly with more information on the 2025 Audi RS3, so be sure to bookmark the Audi Car USA website for the latest information on the Audi RS3 and other Audi future-related updates.

People also ask New Audi RS3 2025

Q: Will there be an RS3 in 2025?

A: Audi is giving our tired eyes a rest by spotting the 2025 RS3 next to the current model. Although the modifications are quite minor, this greatly simplifies the effort of detecting them. Having said that, the facelifted hatchback features a new front bumper that is more linear and unified.

Q: Will there be an RS3 in 2024?

A: Precision meets performance. The 2024 Audi RS 3 performs intelligently and responsively. It’s an experience you’ll want to repeat daily.

Video Discovery Audi RS3 2025

Finally, in this session, we also present a video with a duration of 17:41 minutes as entertainment published by Bros Fourr Speed on its YouTube channel where after buying a new 2024 Audi RS3 and filming many BMW M340i performance sedans over the years. We see many comments from other buyers comparing these two vehicles! The 2024 Audi RS3 and 2024 BMW M340i are both available for around $65,000.

Today’s video compares the M340i versus the RS3! Both vehicles have turbocharged inline engines, and all-wheel drive, and are large sedans. RWD and xDrive are options for the BMW. The RS3 is only available with Quattro AWD. The RS3 has a 5-cylinder engine that produces 401 horsepower and 369 torque, while the M340i has a 6-cylinder engine that produces 382 horsepower and 369 torque.

With a tested 0-60 time of 3.3 seconds, the RS3 is quicker, while the xDrive M340i is half a second slower at 3.7 seconds. The M340i is a slightly larger vehicle with an extra inch or two of legroom and headroom. However, I was able to sit in the back seat of the RS3 behind my custom-built driver’s seat. With a dual-clutch transmission, the RS3 becomes a more thrilling car.

It has a sharper feel and a more mechanical, raw vibe. The RS3 reminds me of my old Nissan GTR R35 and feels a lot like the BMW M3 but in a smaller, cheaper form factor. The BMW M340i feels softer. The RS3 feels more like a performance sedan with luxury components than a luxury sedan with a powerful engine.

Even though they cost the same and can produce the same 4-door sedans, these cars are not direct competitors. The RS3 is a high-performance car that prioritizes sensation. When driven normally, the M340i can feel like a conventional 3 series. The RS3 has never sounded so serene. It maintains strong brakes and a mechanical transmission.

In the RS3, the power delivery is more powerful. The BMW M34i is smooth around town and easy to drive, while the RS3 seems more nimble at slow speeds. So, if you want a fun sports car with rear seats, I’m sure the RS3 is a winner! I would love to own a BMW M3, but at $90,000, it’s out of my price range. And, after driving the R35 GTR, the RS3 gives me the perfect combination of thrill and practicality of the GTR and M3, all in a less expensive fun-to-drive sedan.

The BMW M340i is for consumers who just want a roomy mid-sized sedan, but a four-cylinder engine just won’t cut it! If you want all that plus a powerful engine and entertaining handling, the M340i might be a better fit.