2023 Audi A4: Everything We Know So Far

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2023 Audi A4 On July 1, the first working day of former BMW executive Hildegard Wortmann, Audi AG’s new board member in charge of sales and marketing, the product strategy committee (PSK) finally decided the future of the next Audi A4, which we hope to see in 2022 or 2023.

The project, codenamed B10, had just been pitched by a corporate grinder one last time.

Nearly two years ago, the deal to get the brand’s most important new product from the MLB architecture was unanimous. It became clear then that Audi needed the R&D work, motivation, and volume production that only MLB could provide.

But then the diesel scandal broke, and cost-cutting became the number one priority in all areas. The peanut counter moves heaven and earth to replace the A4 model from Audi’s longitudinal engine MLB to VW’s transverse MQB matrix.

While this move could potentially save more than $ 1 billion over the A4 life cycle, a concerted effort that rests on goodwill, enhancing trust, and brand identity saved the MLB version. It’s still over budget but perhaps the smaller of two crimes.

The platform strategy is bound to raise morale in over-staffed and less efficient auto manufacturers. One PSK member said: “What opened everyone’s eyes was Mark Lichte’s design proposal.

The MQB based model looks fine thanks to the short overhang, long wheelbase, and large trunk. But the proportions are clearly similar to the front wheels – driving a car with a dash-to-axle ratio similar to that of the A3.

The MLB-derived B10 proposal – which received rapturous applause – also had a short front overhang, but there was more meat between the bumper and windshield, which made the next A4 look like the shorter, sportier A6. “

Although the MLB decision gave Audi some breathing room, a portfolio cut was still a different possibility. The list of endangered species is the A5 coupe, cabriolet, and Sportback, along with the A7 and A8, which combine MLB and ASF (Audi Space Frame) elements.

According to the Ingolstadt grapevine, the next A3 / A5 droptop will join the MQB component suite, which can also produce multiple iterations of a compact coupe. The A5 Sportback and A7 are expected to be replaced with MLB-based, five-door body styles.

If there will be a conventional follow-up to the A8, it will almost certainly share its genes with the Panamera. But at this point, sources say that product planning favors the APD-derived flagship A9 (it’s an electric vehicle platform) partnered with the Q9 e-Tron coupe.

There are no significant changes to Audi’s projected EV lineup except for the TTE coupled with the Cayman / Boxster EV Zero-emission model and the secrete-Tron RS (perhaps taking on the PB-18 concept that debuted last year), which could eventually replace the R8.

2023 Audi A4 News

Audi seems poised to streamline key areas of its massive model lineup, with some to be dumped, others to be consolidated, and powered.

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  • Reports from Europe suggest the mid-sized A4 range will continue to use the Volkswagen Group’s premium MLB architecture
  • Audi’s other line-up – the small and medium-sized A3 A5 convertible, as well as the A5 and A7 Sportback models – will reportedly be consolidated into just two models.
  • The iconic A8 limousine may be set to make way for the new electric A9, alongside the new electric TT and R8 models

Proportions, looks, and legacy seem to have allowed Audi A4 to stick with Volkswagen Group’s more expensive MLB architecture.

Sources from Audi’s product strategy committee have told Automobile that the company has decided to base the next-generation A4 on the Volkswagen Group’s MLB front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive platform.

According to the magazine, Audi’s fastening of the belt after the Dieselgate scandal broke had its product planning in chaos.

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Although the new A4 was already approved for the MLB platform, the nut counting company was aggressively pushing for the next generation of cars to shift to Volkswagen Group’s cheaper MQB architecture, which featured a transverse engine layout.

Such a move is projected to result in savings of about US $ 1 billion ($ 1.5 billion) over the model’s life cycle.

Ultimately, it is said that Marc Lichte’s design proposals for the MQB and MLB models influenced the committee. While the design director’s vision of the A4 at MQB looked decent, the MLB version “received rapturous applause”.

2023 Audi A4 Specs

It is said to target zero-to-60 acceleration -mph in less than 2.5 seconds, the all-wheel-drive, lightweight two-seater multi-material will be equipped with an active aero assembly to boast the lowest drag coefficient in its class.

Currently, the RS e-Tron is still a paper tiger like many of the previous interesting proposals. But if Audi is serious about Vorsprung Durch Technik’s slogan, this is a good time to put these words into practice.

2023 Audi A4 EV

The Audi A4 is one of the most popular premium cars in the world, from China to the North American Audi Facelift for the B9 generation introduced last year. Seeing that Audi might want to build an all-new model.

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According to reports from two years ago, Volkswagen wants to build the new A4 on top of the MQB platform which it uses for everything from the little Golf to the Atlas.

That will definitely affect how they are handled or what version of performance they offer even though that’s not necessarily a bad deal when it comes to sales.

On the one hand, the Audi A4 is already connected to the MQB. Unless we’re wrong, the European TDI 2.0 was co-developed with the one on the Golf and the infotainment screen is now the MIB3 and the new port from late 2019 says the next A4 has been approved with the current MLB at its core.

The main difference lies in how the engines of all MQB cars have standard cylinders lined East to West.
While MLB models like the A6 or Q7 have them from North to South.

However, for some reason, Audi is sending power to the front wheels (mostly) while almost every other manufacturer wants to rock it backward in that situation.

But as we said at the start, the A4 is a very solid performance, so they probably don’t have to rock the boat. Not only the platform but also several styles have been locked for this all-new model.

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We’ve heard the front look of the car was decided last year, and today we’re sharing the first rendering, which is by Tobias Buttner.

Obviously, A4 is very similar to its younger brother, A3. But it’s one of Audi’s newest models, so we’ll have to treat it to what’s to come.

As far as model variation was concerned, we expected less. Audi will reduce the number of models in demand by about half. We suspect this means the A5 Sportback will be turned off while the A5 Coupe and Cabriolet will be members of the A4 family again.

Besides, electric models will be added, as will almost all popular cars in China. Just look at the electric BMW 3 Series, for example.

2023 Audi A4 Price and Release Date

While TTE is – if it happens at all – masterminded by Porsche at Weissach, the RS e-tron will be assembled at Audi’s Bollinger Höfe factory near Heilbronn, home of the A6 / A7 / A8.

Due to budget constraints, Audi Sport is considering expanding most of the thee-Tron RS development work to Rimac in Croatia. Already an ally of Porsche, Rimac is also reportedly in talks with Bugatti, and a potential partner with Lamborghini.

May also work with Hyundai’s Genesis too. The idea was to get Rimac to supply a four-motor powertrain and fast-charging battery for the 950 hp EV sports coupe for $ 200,000 when it debuts in 2023 or 2024.