Audi Q3 2019 Release Date UK

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Audi Q3 2019 Release Date UK

Audi Q3 2019 Release Date UK welcome to discover New Audi sedans, SUVs & coupes get our expert review.  The Audi Q3 is a stylish small SUV with plenty of space in the interior and many coveted high-tech features that will help it stand out from the likes of the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLA. On the outside you will find some features that were borrowed from the Audi Q3 ‘s larger SUV brothers. The huge octagonal lattice looks like a smaller version of what you get for example in the huge Q8. You will see a few similarities with the Q8 when you take a look into the Audi Q3 ‘s interior.

The sweeping black dashboard with integrated touchscreen looks like it could have come from more expensive models in the Audi range, and even entry-level Q3s receive a digital driver display instead of conventional dials as standard. All the materials and switches you touch regularly will also feel solid, and you can even get the Audi Q3 ‘s dashboard trimmed in plush suede-like Alcantara in different colors. Mood lighting comes standard, and mid-range cars come with leather upholstery.

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There is also plenty of space inside. You have more than enough head and leg freedom on the front seats when they are large and there are enough adjustments to help you find a comfortable driving position. In the Audi Q3 ‘s back seats there is much more space than in the rather cramped Mercedes GLA, and you can push the rear seats forward and backward to put either passenger leg or bootspace in the foreground.

Apropos: The Audi Q3 ‘s trunk is considerably more spacious than in most alternatives. Even with the rear seats in the back position there is more room for luggage than in the BMW X1. Fold the rear seats down and the Audi Q3 ‘s trunk is flat, easy to load and large enough to carry a bike. If carrying a lot of luggage is a regular event for you, you want to select an Audi Q3 with a more powerful gasoline or diesel engine. There are five to choose from, including a sporty 230PS powerful four-cylinder turbocharger. If you spend more time in the city, go for 150 horsepower or 190PS gasoline, while one of the two 2.0-liter diesels will be a much better bet if you take many long highway rides.

You have the choice between a fairly smooth six-speed manual transmission or a seven-way automatic over the Audi Q3 range, but the latter responds somewhat slowly when you put your foot down. The more powerful models have the option of a four-wheel drive for extra grip in slippery conditions, and you can get an adaptive suspension to make the Audi Q3 drive feel a little more athletic. Even with this suspension, the Audi Q3 on the highway is more at home than on a winding mountain road. It crosses quietly and comfortably along, especially if you avoid the sport suspension and go for a model with smaller alloy wheels.

With the Audi Q3 ‘s high body and light steering, it’s pretty easy to drive around the city, and you can get it with a clever 360-degree camera system that makes parking quite stress-free. You also get many active safety kit as standard, but you have to pay extra for the adaptive cruise control. If you like to tick a few options, then the stylish and spacious Audi Q3 is an excellent little family SUV.

More detailed information about the Audi Q3 can be found in the sections “interior, practicality, driving and specification evaluations. ” Or take a look at the latest Audi Q3 deals.

Audi Q3 2019 Interior

The Audi Q3 ‘s interior looks very similar to the one found in the range top Q8 SUV. On the dashboard is a large metal-effect plastic ring that is designed to mimic the shape of the Audi Q3 ‘s grille and a huge plate of shiny black plastic that sits flush with the central touchscreen. You also get a second digital display before the steering instead of conventional dials, but unlike in the Q8, the Q3 comes with intuitive physical buttons and dials for the climate control instead of a third (and rather Fiddly) touchscreens.

As standard, the Audi Q3 has a quite staide selection of black, grey and silver interior panels – all of which feel soft and robust. Under the cool hook-shaped door handles, you will find a few hard, brittle surfaces that are, however, clamped far enough that you will not notice it if you do not reach down to adjust your seat. Choose a sporty S-line model for seats and you will get upgraded front seats with supporting padding and electrical setting.

With 30-color mood lighting, you can spice up the Audi Q3 ‘s interior or enhance the dashboard trim with some embossed aluminum or unvarnished wood. Go for a top spec edition of a model and you can also get the dashboard, doors and seat edges trimmed in suede-like Alcantara in a number of colors.

Each Audi Q3 features a dual-screen infotainment system consisting of a 10.1-inch central touchscreen and a second 10.25-inch digital instrument display as standard. In addition to the climate control, which is operated with a simple row of keys through the gear lever, these can be accessed on all Audi Q3 ‘s onboard features.

The central display – which fits almost seamlessly into the Q3 ‘s shiny black dashboard trim – is bright and easy to read even in direct sunlight. It responds quickly to your inputs and all menus are simple and logically laid out. You don’t get a physical scroll wheel like a BMW x1, so it’s not quite as easy to flick through the settings while driving.

However, you can access many functions of the system via the display of the digital driver, instead of using handy buttons on the steering wheel. These allow you to adjust the digit graphic, change the radio station or display the upcoming Sat nav directions.

With the On-screen keyboard It is easy to enter an address in the Audi Q3 ‘s standard navigation system and gives clear and concise instructions. The 3d Google Maps feature is also a nice touch – so you can see if a particularly bad hill is approaching the horizon. But it can be difficult to read place names on particularly dark sections of the map. It is even easier to follow instructions when charging the standard 10.25-inch digital driver display on a 12.3-inch virtual cockpit system. This way you can minimize the digital dials in favor of a huge widescreen card.

Unlike the BMW X1, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available as standard, so you can use the navigation apps of your phone via the Q3 ‘s built-in screens if you’re not a fan of Audi’s own system. With these functions you can also play music from your mobile phone via the Audi Q3 ‘s stereo without having to access a Bluetooth connection.

You will want to switch to the optional Bang & Olufsen stereo – Even if you are just a casual listener. This optional 15-speaker device sounds absolutely fantastic and it is slightly loud enough to drown out any comments that your passengers might have about their music tastes.

Audi Q3 2019 Engine

You can get the Audi Q3 with three petrol and two diesel engines and either with a manual or an automatic transmission. Most come as standard with front wheel drive, but you can pay extra to get more powerful models with quattro four-wheel drive. If you don’t do many miles a year, you want to choose the 35 model with a 150PS 1.5-liter petrol engine. It is slightly slower than the cheapest diesel models (accelerated from 0-62mph takes a fairly leisurely 9.3 seconds), but it is smoother and will be cheaper to run if you do many short trips through the city.

There is a more powerful 40 model with a 190PS 2.0-liter gasoline engine – this is what you should consider when you trim a mix of urban and rural driving – and a more athletic 230PS model in 45. The latter is more expensive to buy and cannot keep up with the fuel consumption of diesel versions on motorway rides. It will accelerate from 0-62mph in a reasonably brisk 6.3 seconds, but.

If you are a high-mileage driver, one of the two diesels will be much more suitable. Your choice consists of two 2.0-liter four-cylinder units that produce 150PS and 190PS. The former, called 35, is rather sluggish, but it suits those who are looking for a thrifty motorway cruiser. The 190PS version is faster and returns a similar fuel economy, but it costs more to buy. Neither diesel can keep up with the smoothness of gasoline engines, but they all settle in a quiet cruise without unpleasant vibrations or drones.

The standard six-speed manual transmission is relatively smooth and easy to operate in traffic, but if you are regularly stuck in long setbacks, you want to switch to the optional seven gear automatic. It does not slumber at slow speeds and helps to take the stress out of long drives, but can move very slowly downwards if you accelerate hard to overtake slow moving traffic – especially in comfort or Eco mode. One sits higher in the Audi Q3 than in a conventional family car, so that one gets a good view of the traffic. The columns between the windshield and the doors are not particularly large, but it is still a breeze to recognize smaller cars that are approaching the crossroads.

The rear view is quite good, however, and you can get park sensors and a 360-degree surround-view system to easily park the Audi Q3. In all but dynamic mode, even the steering is nice and light, so your arms will not start to ache if you maneuver the Audi Q3 through narrow streets of the city.

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Audi Q3 2019 Release Date UK

Speaking of which, the Q3 ‘s standard suspension does a decent job of ironing out the kind of bumps that you find in the city. However, models with the lowered sports suspension and larger light alloy wheels feel much more solid. You can pay extra to get the Audi Q3 with an adaptive suspension that lets you choose between softer, comfort-focused setups and stiffer, more athletic settings. Even in the most resolutely dynamic mode, the Q3 is not a sports car. It does not lean too much in tight curves, but the sluggish automatic transmission and the light steering contribute to the fact that it feels less athletic than a BMW X1.

But on a freeway, and the Audi Q3 shows up as a comfortable and relaxing cruiser. You won’t hear much wind or tire noise at the speed, but you’ll have to pay extra for an adaptive cruise control that will help you keep a safe distance between you and other cars. Other features you may want to consider are for the back-cross traffic support – which will help you to stop reversing parking in the way of other cars – and congestion, which will speed up and slow you down in heavy traffic.

Luckily, automatic emergency braking, track holding support and blind spot detection are all standard. These are to help the Audi Q3 in a crash test of Euro NCAP.

Audi Q3 2019 Price

The new Audi Q3 is already out, the car is scheduled to go on sale later this year – so we can wait a year in the 2019 Audi Q3 Rs. It is expected from about £ 45,000 with official information to be published in the middle of next year.