2019 Audi RS4 Avant

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2019 Audi RS4 Avant

2019 Audi RS4 Avant welcome to audicarusa.com discover New Audi sedans, SUVs & coupes get our expert review. Was deprived of his pay to see AST, Audi has finally revealed the 2018 RS4 Avant Garde in Frankfurt motor show. Here are the title characters: Phone 444 859 443, Kg-ft. Two-Torque Turbo V 6, 0-62 that the 2.9 liters of 4.1 seconds, the highest speed of 155 km/h. Since this Audi we speak here is probably needless to say that the power supply is for all four wheels and is provided with “sportily set” a webcast of the tiptronic speeds 8.

In addition to being a little more quickly than the commoner A4 where it is based, RS4 as expected looks much more than on a car fender wide range more, new rear fragrance diffuser, a pair of grease, OVAL exhaust pipes, the more aggressive carbon footprint – Honeycombed front and rear fascias, There are also air vents on the outer edge of the lights. Do you have to cool these lights in any way, amirite?

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2019 Audi RS4 Avant Specifications

When we first drove the latest Audi S4, powered by turbocharged 3.0-liter V 6, we were quite bit: it is a little less and less exciting than the previous model. It was clear that more of the wicked and the living room at the top of the series. Now, Frankfurt, show the vehicle engine has reached a form of all-new AUDI RS4 avant-garde car, that always puts the heart races, although there are no plans to offer in the United States.

The RS4 Avant Garde is similar mechanically actuated RS5, with these two share many components – More particularly impressive 450-HP 2.9-liter V 6, twin turbocharged variation of participants are S4 Single-Turbo 3.0-liter engine. This power station sprouts of engine – development partnership with Porsche, and that is managing the V 6 and porsche Audi S and the V 8. You can Also find installed Porsche and Panamea S of next-generation cayenne s.

The engine 2018 Audi Rs 4 Avant Garde powered by the same 2.9 liter is a twin-TURBO V 6 FIND THE RS 5, here provide the same phone 444 443 HP and-of-ft of torque, is distributed to all four wheels by it 8 automatic gearbox. At the time of 0-62 Audi claims that the 4.1 seconds of a sports car 3,946 lbs, 0.4 seconds slower than the RS 5, 0.3-second faster than the S4. The maximum speed sitting on 155 mph, but comes up to 174 that with dynamic package RS optional

sets the RS 4 of B9,4 line they wheel arches that are 1.2″, more stable that is 0.3″ Lower than the A4 even with its aggressive sports front suspension, decoration and grill. My flesh, The twin extractors. is installed on a standard 19-inch wheels, with 20 s is available as an option.

2019 Audi RS4 Avant, 2019 audi rs4 sedan, 2019 audi rs4 avant, 2019 audi rs4 usa,

2019 Audi RS4 Avant

Inside, 2018 AUDI RS4 Avant Garde reminds the owner of its sporting prowess by recruiting already, elegant interior with A4 of a pair of sports seats, flat screen tv with glass-bottomed steering wheel, leather version of audi virtual bay which can now use to monitor the forces-G, tire pressures, Ah, welcome of light when you open the door now projects “Audi sports” your feet as you get in the car, in case your subscription confuses the super luxury car as something… minor.

2019 Audi RS4 Avant Price

speaking of money, RS4 will start at €79,800. At this point, I can say that is the equivalent of a little over $95,000 in foreign currency Today’s American, but also to do it will be completely useless since – surprise, surprise – this is not a in the United States

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