2019 Audi S5 Review

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2019 Audi S5 Review

2019 Audi S5 Review Audi A5 series, second generation coupe 2 door or cabrio model and 5 door sub model with elegant but different. Up to 2019, the A5 models are available in three body models as well as the performance-oriented S5 models. Until now, the highest level, the RS 5, was only available as a coupe.

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At the 2018 New York International Auto Show. Audi offers 5-door labels with 5-door labels in a car with excellent performance. “The RS 5 Remote Control offers unique exterior features such as a wide radiator grille, honeycomb-like airbags, a matte front spoiler, a matte exterior mirror guard and bright black side sills, RS Diffuser, oval tailpipes and black high-gloss luggage spots. Meanwhile, the vehicle cabinet includes special extruded sport seats, an RS gearbox and a smooth sports steering wheel and stainless steel pedals.

This last redesign is the most effective for me. The bonnet acquires a power dome and the Quattro launches a series of deep wrinkles that can be twisted easily to accentuate the four-wheel drive system, flowing sharply along the wings of the vehicle. There is something particularly pleasing about the way the C-pillars of the glass, which start from immediately behind the front wheel and shimmer backwards, form a wedge and unexpectedly stand square.

2019 Audi S5 Specs

Sportier than the regular A5, then, but not outlandish so, and the same goes for the engine. Audi 3.0-liter TFSI turbocharger V6 offers 354 hp and 369 lb-ft. Torque; Barely pedestrians, but somewhat shy of the Mercedes-AMG C43 coupe. The EPA said I should be combined 24 mpg; I have 23.6 mpg.

Audi combines its V6 with an 8-speed Tiptronic gearbox, and it is the gearbox where purists will collide with the engineers ‘ horns. Over is the manual transfer option – people said they wanted it, the automaker claims it, but then hardly anyone actually bought it – and so did the S-Tronic dual clutch gearbox. Instead, you get a torque converter ‘ box with paddle shifter, selected so that the argument goes because it fits better the S5 ‘s low-end torque.

“No stock shift ” is usually the first negative to go into a performance car check, but honestly I’m willing to admit this one to Audi. The S5 can not rival the frenetic aggression of its C43 AMG, but the setup fits the coupe well. The car shifts smoothly and smoothly, and has no fear of jumping through the ratios when you push hard, nor do you keep a lower gear and let the speed climb. This is also the case in the standard transfer mode; Tug the shift lever back to engage in sports, and things even more cheeky, not to mention sounds better.

2019 Audi S5 Review, 2019 audi s5 convertible, 2019 audi s5 changes, 2019 audi s5 sportback release date, 2019 audi s5 order guide, 2019 audi s5 sportback black optics, 2019 audi s5 price,

2019 Audi S5 Review

In addition to the base price of $54,600, you pay $4,400 for the virtual configuration of the S5 cockpit, which is also equipped with a healthy Bang & Olufsen audio system, a colour display with header, navigation and a connected infotainment system, as well as a WiFi access point for automatically connecting LTE to Share. $1,800 more gets adaptive cruise control and Active Lane support, the latter proving to be more finesse than the last Mercedes and BMW systems I have tried. The standard sports seats-nicely hugged and well adjustable that you, with massage and heating-had a $1,250 Nappa leather upgrade in this special review car. The combination of pale gray fur and the standard fit power sun roof helped keep the cabin feeling light and quite spacious.

From there you get to enjoy what can only really be described as “poise ” on the road. Audi Quattro System has its four drive select modes-Comfort, sport, car, and individual-and the S5 adds the $2,500 S sports package with sports adaptive cushioning suspension and a sports rear differential. No matter which mode you choose, there is no reveling or flapping.

Much electronics work with the suspension and differential to keep the S5 nimble in the corners, too. Audi had a marked dynamic steering option that fits the ratio depending on how much you rotate; It’s good, but with a regular version I think you’re sure to save $1,150 in power. In any case, the car is accurate in focusing. Also the trickle of under-taxes, when pushing too hard, is fed with sliding control degrees of communicative precision.

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