2018 Audi A8 Black

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2018 Audi A8 Black

2018 Audi A8 Black welcome to audicarusa.com discover New Audi sedans, SUVs & coupes get our expert review. While the Audi A8 has always seemed to wear a sober tuxedo with its elegant look and unmistakable style, the third-generation model has been circulating for the past seven years. This is one of the latest models for always the big Audi sport, square grid and it’s time for a serious revamp. So it wasn’t a surprise when we started seeing prototypes hitting the streets and the Nürburgring, and now-after a quick pic at the Spider-Man: First Homecoming,

Audi put everything on the table. As is the usual case with Audi, the overall design changes are a bit minimal, but they get the new, wide grid, a pair of sexy headlight units, and repositioned body lines that make it even more appealing than ever Before. Inside, there is a fully redesigned dashboard with a new technology, updates of UI controls, and it finally gets the new Audi-driven steering system that allows remote parking and driving Semi autonomous in the road traffic. To do this, the A8 obtains a revising suspension system that includes all-wheel steering and active suspension. New Generation Topping is a pair of revamped, Turbo V-6 engines that will eventually be joined by a pair of V-8 power plants and a 6.0-liter W-12 for the line trim model.

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So with all of this in mind, one can only wonder how the new A8 will oppose the new Mercedes S Class and the new BMW 7 Series. It will obviously be a difficult call for this which is better, but Audi comes to the party ready to discard. Then, dive in and take a better view on the new Audi A8-There are a lot of details to cover.

2018 Audi A8 Black Exterior

What we have here is a fresh and deceptive appearance that makes it easy to forget that the last A8 was as appealing as it was. Now, when it comes to lateral profile, there is not much change. In fact, it looks like a genetic engineer just played with a bit of DNA to make some minor mutations, as opposed to an engineer coming up with a new design. From Beltline up, the new A8 seems almost identical, with the only notable difference being the slightly larger mirrors with the smaller corner brackets. Otherwise, the rear stationary window, the shape of the window cutouts and the roof have virtually postponed.

What has changed along the side profile is how the lower body lines are executed. In the previous model, the contour of the front shock absorber fed into the line of the body that ran below the belt line. Well, a little genius at Audi (and I’m not sarcastic) decided to found the upper body line on the hood line to provide a new look. The contour of the front fender always leads into its own body line, but it slowly fades away and mixes in the doors just below the miroirs-c’est really a nice touch! Downstairs, the bottom line of the body was increased in size and tilted just slightly upward at the rear, giving the car a commanding look on the side without sacrificing a level wrinkle height.

At the front is the place where Audi has performed the most changes, and I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s about Damn time. The biggest problem with the look of the outgoing generation is just how boxy the forehead looked, but the new-Gen model made that something of the past, ending the visual nightmare that was the old Audi grille design. With a shorter but wider approach to the grate, the hood now has a smooth corner corner edge. The cutting points of the grate allow the upper outer edges that run parallel with the new headlights in an elegant way while the rounded lower corners follow the contour of the fascia. The envelope around the chrome trim that runs along the lower fascia and wrap around the corner vents has been enlarged and is now higher up in the corners with an extra pair of louvers over the fog lights. To be honest, there are almost too many things going on here in the corners, but that’s not bad, and these new chrome awnings are really good with the central LED strips in the new headlights.

The redesign of the rear end has been performed as well as the front, with a completely new grip on not only the rear fascia but the rear lamp designs as well. When the outgoing model had larger and thicker units that were split between the rear quarters and the rear cover, the new model used a thicker chrome strip to go with a long strip of LED to connect Visually the angles together. The taillights come to a perfect spot in the corners and have an attractive matrix layout that should look sexy at night. At the bottom, the large strip of chromium has been removed and in its place there is a recessed area that is filled in the extremities with long reflector units. The lip at the bottom is all new and completely unique in this segment with the integrated exhaust outlets so well, you are not sure if they are exhaust outlets or trim elements. Very well.

Outside Dimensions

  • Wheelbase (inches) 118.03
  • Length (inches) 203.62
  • Height (inches) 57.99
  • Width (inches) 76.57
  • Front/rear track size (inch) 64.72/64.29

2018 Audi A8 Black Interior

For Audi, the redesign of the A8 is quite large when we consider that Audi does not change much. Of course, you do not joke with success, but sometimes a new look is exactly what is needed. The outside of the new A8 proves this without a doubt, but inside, it’s a whole new world as well, and talking awesome.

Obviously, the new A8 has an evolutionary cabin in comparison. The massive button panels of the old A8 have been replaced by a new touchscreen that corresponds to the new 10.1 inch Info-entertainment screen that is mounted inside the center battery-a first for an Audi that I can recall these Years. The center console is just as wide, but has a sharper trim on the edges while the lever has been moved forward a bit. The storage bin to the right of the gear lever and the rear cup holders remain in the new cabin. Of course, the seats get a new design and are quite favorable to a sedan of this size, while the door trim panels have got a makeover, too. They are still quite similar, but the armrest is bent a little further in the middle, offering better access to the locker below.

In front of the driver is a brand new steering wheel which has a completely unique design with only two shelves-one on each side-that the curve around and connect to the bottom of the central hub. The new Hub is smaller and allows better visibility to the instrument cluster. And then there’s this dash. Flattering than ever and now with a long, thin air vent, with shutters that are controlled electronically based on the user’s input to the HVAC control display on the center console. This provides one of the cleanest looks of each, and the long lining that runs along the face is flush with the display of info-entertainment for an elegant look.

The seats are perforated to ensure the heating and ventilation, while the A8 L can be optional with a “seat of relaxation” which allows four different setting options and a footrest-you know, for those who like to be chauffeur around in The ultimate comfort. The rear seat passengers get their own remote control mounted to the rear center console which is removable. It allows them to control things like ambient lighting, reading lights, and seat massage functions. They are also able to make private phone calls via a separate control unit. With regard to user input, onboard info-entertainment systems allow input via a touchpad at the front as well as voice command. Navigation works seamlessly and extracts information from the LTE Internet connection. The European models offer 3d renderings of most major European cities, much like the info-entertainment systems found in the new BMW models.

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2018 Audi A8 Black Engine

For this generation, Audi has done everything in the transmission department. You will finally have the choice between a pair of six cylinders, a pair of eight cylinders, and a W-12. There will be a diesel and a petrol engine for the two large engine sizes, with the 3.0-liter V-6 being the only options available when the A8 premier rolls into the showrooms. In the form of gasoline, the 3.0-litre offers up to 340 horsepower while the diesel promises 286 ponies. There is no work on the couple at this point, but the logic dictates that the diesel will be superior in this department. These two engines have been reworked, so it’s not the same 3.0-liter offers that you can get from Audi at this point in time.

2018 Audi A8 Black

At some point after the A8 hits showrooms, Audi will start offering a 4.0-liter V-8, in diesel and the essence of the shape, as well. In the form of gasoline, you will get a just 460 horsepower while the oil burner will get you just a little less than 435 horsepower. Finally, the range-topper is the 6.0-litre W-12. Audi has yet to provide specifications for this engine, but it should match pretty well with anything from the W-12 s offered by Bentley, which could mean as much as 600 horsepower and nearly 600 pounds-feet of torque-obviously A monster and a gas hog, but it has reached the form, it can get the Flying spur 2017 and its 5 400 pounds up to 199 mph, hitting 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds, so chances are anyone willing to overtake, you won’t see anything , but these sexy taillights.

2018 Audi A8 Black Price

The new A8 is set to hit showrooms in a few months while we roll in the fall of 2017. It will start at $90 600 for the standard length model, and $94 100 for the A8 L. These figures calculate at $103 968 and $107 984, respectively. As a reference, this represents an increase in the German market of $6 600 for the A8 and $4 200 for the A8L. The current Audi A8L here in the US starts at $82 500, so expect a price increase here in the US of about $5 000 or so at about $87 000.