2020 Audi A8

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2020 Audi A8

2020 Audi A8 welcome to audicarusa.com discover New Audi sedans, SUVs & coupes get our expert review. The Audi A8 is now one of the oldest in between colleagues, but re-designed version of the flagship of the participants place was launched in July a special event of Barcelona, Spain. This is the first film of 2017 Frankfurt auto show.This is a new, fourth generation A8 is the sale of 2018, the 2019 model, although their design is a little on the conservative side of the technology in the system is real-time tour de force.

Prime between new technological features is what is referred to as Audi AI, artificial intelligence software-based system which controls the various aspects of the self-driving car, also acts as an electronic concierge. Audi AI is the first self-propelled for production system with “level 3” self-drive capability announced. The most advanced self-propelled system display halls today is level 2, which requires regular monitoring by the driver will be able to get immediately in case of an emergency.

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As of the company of engineers (SAE), level 3 is a car can be full control, but only in certain situations still with a Driver ready to take over the after a short warning period. on the A8, the system can handle the situations a number of parking spaces as well as the density of roads without the interference of long parts, such as roads, as long as there is some of the centrally located for arrival routes. Under these conditions, the system can take at speeds of up to 37 km/h. This means that you can use the phone or read a book when the system is active. fans Of ‘ Spider-Man: return home ‘ movies got a little preview of the operating system.

You won’t be able to nod in a Level 3 car, though. Sleeping behind the steering wheel will not be possible until advanced Level 4 self-driving cars are realized. Tier 4 vehicles will be able to handle specific situations themselves, but in extreme circumstances they must take over a driver, for example in bad weather or when there is not enough card data available. Many automobile makers predict level 4 cars will be available by early next decade. Level 5, the ultimate goal, is where no driver is needed at all.

Once again, two body types are offered, although the United States will only receive the stretched model. Both are significantly larger than their predecessors: the Standard model measures at 17.0 feet and the stretched version adds an additional 5.1 inches to the wheelbase. The generous size means that the new A8, even in standard form, should be spacious.

The front side of the passenger compartment is controlled by aligning the horizontal certainly and displays a new interface for audi. Above is known of the rotary switch surface is located in the center console. Instead, is to a great extent are kept free of buttons and switches. The control of the interface is done through 10.1-inch touch screen display on the center stack, when off, blends almost invisibly into the high-gloss black surround for a black board.

The user interface appears when the vehicle is opened. The driver can use the other touch screen display on the console to access functions and air conditioning as well as the Text pages with Fingertip fingers. When a driver runs a function the top or bottom of the display, you hear a knock on the certificate. glass mirror control buttons respond the same way.

As already mentioned, AUDI AI system also functions as the electronic concierge. This means that the driver can run a number of functions with sound control of natural form. The Concierge can also come with suggestions. For example, if you are navigating the concierge can be a Driver With a smart search suggestions, based on preferences before or on the road.

by underpinning the A8 is the latest version of the group home מגרשיהם Volkswagen a platform for front wheel drive cars with engines mounted along, although all A8s come standard with all wheel drive. body is still a may aluminum Spaceframe, about 58% plus steel, MAGNESIUM and carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP). It should be noted especially the use of CFRP rear wall, which contributes to the 33 percent of general of Soil Stiffness Factor torsional vehicle.

Weight is not much, but with the weight savings compensated by the heavier weight of the alternative drives and their batteries. Audi has confirmed that each version of the A8 will feature a form of electrification. That’s because all A8s will be a 48-volt mild hybrid system as a standard feature, regardless of engine type. Mercedes-Benz also has a preview of a mild hybrid system that will soon debut on the S-class.

Mild hybrid systems to replace the separate starter and generator (also called a generator) by a single, powerful engine generator that is Belt is driven (in the case of the Audi) or with the transmission (in the case of mercedes integrated) you can use. more power to the device supports an internal combustion engine, for example when the cable is powered off or high load situations. He also starts the engine of easy movement or the beach where you can engine. Under the ANTI-LOCK BRAKING SYSTEM it can restore energy. on the A8, the system is designed to provide an increase of approximately 16 859. It also allows you to turn off the engine of the hosts.

8, begins with two V to 6, one of the petrol engines and one diesel. We probably only see the petrol engine in the United States, 3.0-liter turbo with approximately 340 859. Later, two 4.0-liter V8 engines will be added again gas diesel flavors. We most likely only get the gas engine offers approximately 460 HP.

Finally, Audi will add w a variety of books and claw with 6.0 liters mill, in addition to the sport S8, fuel efficient A8 l e-quattro Glasgow City Council building plug-in hybrid. Pair will be the last of the petrol V 6 with a powerful electric motor with integrated transmission of 449 859 integrated. plug-in hybrid will also provide for its wireless charging lithium-ion battery, which will be large enough for about 30 miles of electric range only.

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2020 Audi A8

With Power sort,8 comes Also with a variety of features to make the ground floor efficiently and ensure the smooth, luxurious drive. One of these is active suspension system powered by 48-volt electric system of the vehicle. through the set of components including transmission, ACTUATORS, LEVERS, the system can run over 800 press pound square on the suspension bridge on all roll, i.e. all wheel can be raised or lowered to match the conditions.

active suspension system there is also the safety aspect. If the car collision warning system detects that there is a significant impact on more than 15 mph, throw the body on the exposed side of up to 3.1″ in half a second. The reason for this is to place the body, in such a way that the point of impact lies the strongest points, meaning that the side sills, a land. The result is that the load of the reduced rate of up to 50 percent compared with the effect in the body side is not increased.

Other enclosure on the newly designed technologies are A8, rear wheel steering REAR DIFFERENTIAL LOCK. high speeds, such as on the road, rear wheel steering improves the stability when lower speeds improves the turn. He Also allows parking maneuvers more easily than less steering is required. with technology, make the circle of new design A8 is smaller than the A4. The rear differential lock, in the meantime, volume splits the torque between the rear wheels.

Pricing information will be closer to market launch, but we did not expect things to be released much of the 2018 A8 of the $83,475 starting price off.